Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$1 Million a Day Isn't Enough? Is Planned Parenthood Cheating the Government for More?

Planned Parenthood rakes in about a million dollars every day from taxpayers. But is that not enough for them? Is Planned Parenthood training their employees to cheat the government to garner yet more taxpayer money? Phil Kline reports from

A new federal whistle blower lawsuit filed in Federal Court in Texas on October 28th alleges Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (PPGC) engaged in prolonged and coordinated fraud to bilk federal and state programs of millions of dollars. PPGC operates 8 clinics in Texas and 2 in Louisiana.

The suit, filed by a former employee of the abortion provider, states that Planned Parenthood trained employees to falsify medical charts to justify billing the federal government for services that were not rendered and also to improperly bill the government for abortion services.

Federal funds provided to Planned Parenthood may not be used for abortions. In the suit, however, Karen Reynolds, a former “health care assistant,” at Planned Parenthood’s clinic in Lufkin, Texas, states that Planned Parenthood: “trained and instructed the employees at its twelve regional clinics to bill the government for medical services that were not medically necessary, to bill the government for services that were not actually provided…to falsify information in patient medical charts.”

Reynolds was an employee of Planned Parenthood from 1999-2009 and claims the fraud continued during the entire time of her employment.

The Complaint provides detailed information on how employees were required to go through “powerpoint” training sessions teaching how to defraud federal taxpayers.

The complaint also quotes internal Planned Parenthood memos directing staff members to alter the reasons for patient visits in order to obtain reimbursement from the federal government for services not provided and for services for which federal dollars cannot be used...