Thursday, December 15, 2011

Komen & Planned Parenthood Still Partners? One Christian Business Acts Appropriately. You Can Too.

Susan Tyrrell (who blogs at Bound4Life's "Moral Outcry") is pointing out to the pro-life community that rumors about the Susan G. Komen Foundation deciding to prohibit money given to the nation's leading abortion organization appear to be quite false. Sadly, Planned Parenthood and Komen seem to be as tight as ever.

Here's Tyrrell:

Much debate has arisen lately on whether or not the Susan G. Komen Foundation plans to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Reports briefly surfaced that it had agreed to stop, but within two days of the initial reports, Komen in Orange County, CA confirmed it had given Planned Parenthood two more grants.

After this report I made a media contact with Komen officials to ask if there was any verity to the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood. Their answer, at least thus far, is that they have funded Planned Parenthood and will continue to fund Planned Parenthood...

The money Komen gave to Planned Parenthood two days after the alleged stopping of funding was to the abortion provider headquartered in metropolitan area of Orange County, CA. Is Komen really saying it could not donate money to another women’s health agency in that hugely populated area that could serve women’s breast health without killing babies in the next room? That’s pretty unbelievable.

What’s more astounding is that the Orange County Planned Parenthood alone (and Komen has 18 others on the list) had a 2010 total revenue of $31,518, 017. It’s hard to grasp with the human mind how an agency with that kind of money coming in can be the place with the greatest need to reach out “low-income, uninsured, or medically under-served women.” Let’s also remember that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms...

Money given to Planned Parenthood is fungible. The more money it gets to funnel into its "breast health program"—whatever that is, since it can’t even do mammograms—is more money freed up for its abortion program. You cant give clean money to a dirty organization.

We hope, we pray, this rumor that Komen will stop donating to Planned Parenthood may prove reality. So far there is no evidence of it, but we will wholeheartedly rejoice if it happens.

Until that day we mourn for the babies whose death might have been funded because Planned Parenthood had a bit of extra money to give because it is so well-funded.

This bizarre and thoroughly immoral practice of the Komen Foundation giving money to the mega-abortion corporation is more than enough reason for Christians to avoid any connections to Komen. Komen officials continue to insist that they do not donate money to Planned Parenthood from the national office. However, they allow local chapters to do whatever they want. How easy would it be for Komen officials to draw the line and insist -- as national policy -- that local chapters cannot partner with abortionists? That doing so is bad for the Komen image, bad for the overall fundraising effort, bad for women?

Yet Komen's head office stubbornly, arrogantly refuses to make this common sense decision.

That's why there will be more decisions on the part of Christian organizations and companies to sever ties with the Susan G. Komen Foundation -- decisions like Lifeway Christian Bookstores removing from its bookshelves a Bible sold to help fund the Komen Foundation. (By the way, thank yous are in order for LifeWay's principled action. And since they will certainly be taking heat because of their stand, notes of encouragement for the business doing the right thing are very much in order. Lifeway Christian Bookstores can be contacted at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234-0162. Or you can use this page to contact them by e-mail. I sent an e-mail AND a Christmas card with my thank you!)

My prayer is that many others will follow LifeWay's principled action and begin donating to organizations and care centers that do not give money to abortion businesses. Options? Instead of helping Komen help Planned Parenthood, I suggest that our fervent prayers and financial donations go to help organizations that fight breast cancer without the sordid connections that Komen has fostered with Planned Parenthood. These would include:

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Breast Cancer Society

And it would include actions taken to support local care centers as in this case cited by Physicians for Life:

Donna and Wayne have taken a lemon and turned it into lemonade. Recently, their friend's wife passed away from breast cancer. Kathy was a truly pro-life Christian woman. After hearing of a team running in the Komen Race for the Cure in Kathy's name, they went into action. Discouraging all those who signed up from running in her name, they found the perfect way to memorialize Kathy and help other women fight breast cancer without supporting Planned Parenthood.

Donna and Wayne contacted [a local hospital] and set up a memorial account in Kathy's name. The money will be used for mammograms for women who do not have the ability to pay.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that Susan G. Komen is the only source of helping and treating women with breast cancer. The Komen organization grows fatter each year and refuses to inform women of the abortion/breast cancer link while partnering with Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Here is your alternative to help women in your own community! 

Great ideas! Let's spread the word and act in the same spirit. With a bit of unified dedication, we will make a huge difference in the fight against breast cancer. We might even persuade Komen to draw that long-overdue line between itself and the grisly abortion business that is Planned Parenthood.