Thursday, December 1, 2011

PP Prez: It's Been a "Tough Year." Give Us Money.

In a fundraising letter sent out by last week by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards (what, PP needs even MORE money?), she spoke of this past year as being the “most difficult year in our history.”

I guess it has.

However, Ms. Richards failed to explain to her supporters precisely just why it's been so tough: the undercover videos exposing PP's criminal cover up of crimes, Congressional investigations into the huge amounts of tax money PP receives (and misapplies) every year, increased public attention to the sordid business of abortion, states acting to defund PP funding, the publicity arising from former PP officials blowing the whistle on the mega-abortion corporation, and more.

Ms. Richards also failed to mention in her fundraising letter one of the reasons PP needs the dough -- her nearly $400,000 annual salary.

Yeah, it's tough to be a Planned Parenthood worker nowadays.

But it's a lot, lot tougher to be a Planned Parenthood victim.

Here's more from Steven Ertelt on this story.